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Diana G.
My friend recommended me to this place and I decided to try it out. It's a small business, but I loved every minute of it! They make u feel so welcomed right when u walk into the door. They explain everything throughly and like most chiropractors offices, they always try to up sell you or push u into there services. This place, on the other hand... was the opposite! Very nice and clean as well. I highly recommend!
Traci H.
I am so grateful for the OC Wellness team in Westminster. I have been going there for back problems since January. I am now able to do all the things I haven't been able to do in a long time! Everyone there is do kind and caring and you are greeted by name as soon as you walk in the door! My 2 primary Doctors are Dr. Leo and Dr. Kevin and they have really helped me through this journey, although all of the doctors here are top notch aw well!! I have also stated Pilates and now allergy shots with Cassy! Definitely an all around great wellness center. I strongly recommend them!!
Sami C.
This place is great! Starting from the kind receptionists who always greet you by name to the various service providers that are so helpful. I injured my ankle a few months ago and have been receiving PT as well as adjustments from the chiropractor. It has definitely helped the healing process! Not to mention that they have Pilates here, which is a great plus!
Darling K.
Coming from someone with chronic illness I swear by OC Wellness. From the front desk, Jerica, Brittney, and Julie usher you in. I receive multiple treatments including trigger points and allergy injections from Cassy. She takes great care in her shots and there is little to no pain. Through physical therapy with Kevin, Mark, and Carlos I am able to continue being mobile. I receive adjustments from Leo, Johnson, and Collins who understand your skeletal system well and give constructive advice based on any ailment. Best of all massages! I receive them once a week and through this collective team I have been able to reduce pain, strengthen muscles, and continue walking. These people aren't just here to treat you, they are here to give you lasting better health.