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  • Glad I get to relax and not deal with my landscape anymore
  • Well at least the grass is still growing
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  • I'll cut my grass myself!

Is your turf cut at the height you prefer?

  • Yes, our turf is cut at just the right height
  • Our turf could be cut a little shorter
  • Our turf could be cut a bit longer

Do you feel the turf is weed free?

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  • Our turf has weeds and we need to sign up for the weed control program
  • Looks like an overgrown Jungle!

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John L.
They take care of my yard and I am very picky. They are hands down the best for a fair price.
Bryant W.
Great Service!! Always on time and my yard always looks perfect. Even when I needed it done ahead of schedule they stepped up and squeezed me in! I recommend Lawn Frogs to everyone I know in search of lawn care!
Rachel M.
They were so wonderful working with us. We actually had an issue where we thought our property extended beyond what it did and they had already put in posts. They redid everything for only cost of material, they didn't charge us labor. Great work and great price, I've recommended them to others already!
Excellent lawn service. I have been awarded "Yard of the Month" in my subdivision three times during the years that Chad has been caring for my yard. His teams are organized, detail-oriented, and listen to any specific requests that I have. In addition to lawn service, they have done beautiful landscaping, planting, and plant maintenance for me. Highly recommend them!
Bobby S.
Lawn Frogs Landscaping has been doing the lawn maintenance at our Commercial Roofing Specialties Inc. located in Kennesaw for quite some time now. They are very prompt and professional. Their employees present themselves clean and well dressed and do a great job maintaining our commercial facility. So well that I have hired them to provide lawn care at my personal home In Acworth/ Dallas area. I would say the best thing about this company is their response time and communication. One week their maintenance crew missed a bush that needed to be trimmed. Once I notified them they came back that same day and fixed it! I highly recommend Lawn Frogs Landscaping for your landscaping needs.