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Ken Oliver
I'm Ken Oliver, owner of Ventilator King & Insulation King. With most of my knowledge being in home energy, I am not experienced in marketing and have thrown many dollars at advertising without getting the results I was looking for. I found Grow Smart Marketing about a year ago and after meeting with them I realized they were exactly what I was looking for. With the revamping of my website, to optimization of internet traffic, to understanding and implementing the importance of social media, I decided to do it all and have seen remarkable results! I dont know how they do it, but im finally getting the results i've been looking for out of my advertising dollars. I would highly recommend GSM to anyone looking to grow their business and get the best bang for their buck.
Kathleen Tantuco
Great experience working with Grow Smart Marketing!!! Very professional and personal. I would highly recommend their services!!
Zach S.
Very engaging approach by the Grow Smart Marketing team. They provided me the insight and resources to achieve an online presence for my janitorial company.
Kelly H.
I enjoyed hearing the ways to grow my business and how to be sure I am leaving a good lasting impression. These are the things that will be key to our success. I appreciate you time and hope to be able to use what I learned.
Rob Bounds
I enjoyed learning about the newest ways to get more reviews and still have some control over them at the same time. It is a great way to overcome bad reviews and resolve customer issues before they become a bad review.