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Valerie W.
A totally awesome experience! The program is not like any I have experienced before. The Joint effort of the entire staff, from the front desk to the doctors, nurses and therapists was what made my experience successful. Everyone really cares that you are improving and getting well. The weight loss program has worked! 30 pounds and my confidence an energy are back! Extraordinary facility with extraordinary staff! Thank you all SHC!
Ralph B.
Great people who helped me with some flaring pain in my back. They helped me understand the symptoms and causes of the pain. The multifaceted approach to addressing the pain and rehab helped me get to nearly no pain. With the extra advice they game me for home after my maximum allotted visits were used, I'm sure I'll be pain free. The tools they gave me will also help to rehab muscle soreness and prevent the need for extended visits in the future. Great staff and thank you for everything.
Eric M.
I don't use the gym, but I highly recommend the services they provide in the clinic. They do mostly physical therapy and chiropractic care. I've been seeing orthopedists, podiatrists, and even had surgery to try to relieve my foot and ankle pain. I also have a damaged knee and chronic lower back pain. I've never felt more genuine concern for my recovery and well-being than I have at this place. Every visit you'll see a minimum of 3 people who gently work you over and ask you a hundred questions to monitor your progress. They are incredibly thorough. I felt better than I had in years after just a couple weeks. My job is demanding so any time I tweak something, I make an appointment and they send me on my way right as rain. If you're frustrated with chronic pain you HAVE to give these people a try.
Brandon A.
These guys are fantastic. Definitely the best Chiropractor in Canton, Ga. They've helped me so much over the last couple months and I really appreciate how skillful and technical they are while also being so nice and patient. Definitely call these guys when you need a chiropractor in Canton.